Loose Mixes

Big Head Loosemix

Our Bighead Loosemix is designed for equines that are grazing northern pastures or are suffering from Big Head Disease.
This product is currently available for purchase in 25kg Bags.
For Bulk enquiries, please contact us on (07) 3737 7653.

Cattle Lick Loosemix Range

Dickson Ag has designed a range of Looselicks made up of high quality proteins in the form of protein meals and Urea.
Our Cattle Lick Range is available in varying levels of Urea and is great to use from weaning to breeding.

Cattle Lick Weaner Loosemix

Dickson Ag have designed the Cattle Lick Weaner Mix to assist during weaning time.
Designed for Weaners, Our mix can help to lower stress levels and reduce weight loss.

Cereal Grazing Loosemix

Dickson Ag has designed the Cereal Grazing Mix specifically for livestock that are grazing cereal crops and stubbles.
This Mix will ensure that your livestock are receiving their mineral requirements and achieving higher production rates.

Cereal Grazing Loosemix- NO SALT

The Dickson Ag, Cereal Grazing Loosemix No Salt, has been designed specifically for cattle that are grazing cereal crops and stubbles in Salt Rich Country.
This mix has Increased levels of Magnesium,Calcium and Phosphorus in order to ensure your livestock are getting the right amount of minerals!

Custom Loosemix

Dickson Ag is happy to customise mixes or help you to create your very own mix.
We can work closely with you in order to work out what is best suited to your operation and livestock.