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Experiencing Rye Grass staggers?

Elitox stands as a distinctive solution for managing mycotoxins, effectively mitigating their adverse impacts within ruminant diets. Furthermore, Elitox serves as a proactive approach to prevent mycotoxicosis. View PDF

Why use lower urea for Breeders?

  Why use lower urea for breeders? Higher levels of urea used in the wrong situation can cost potential production as the animal is having to excrete the excess ammonia which comes at a high energy cost. Therefore, feeding high levels of urea can waste energy that would normally be used for production. Most common…

Bull Development & Supplementation of First Calf Heifers

Supplementing first-calf heifers during lactation rather than feeding stud bulls post-weaning has been found to result in greater scrotal circumference, increased sperm motility and sexual maturity at an earlier age. Conducted by Dr Viv Perry from the Queensland Sperm Morphology Laboratory, and PhD student Matt Callaghan, the research is part of a quest to identify…

Why cottonseed for sheep?

Cottonseed has been used extensively in Queensland as a feed supplement for sheep. It is a good source of energy (12-14 MJ ME/kg) and protein (19-24%), but should always be fed with adequate amounts of roughage.

Assessing stock feed additives and mineral supplements

As a producer of beef, wool or lamb there are many stock feed supplements and additives to choose from, but how do you decide on the products that will benefit your stock and profit?

Green Feed Management and Magnesium

Grazing lush green feed, especially short growing green feed, often results in animal health issues. This guide from Dickson Ag is designed to help avoid these issues and improve performance.

Urea supplementation – The need to supplement

The nutritional value of all grasses in northern Australia declines following the growing season. While some grasses are more attractive to cattle (palatable) than others, all grasses provide high quality grazing while they are actively growing.

Drought Feeding and Management of Sheep

A guide for farmers and land managers 2015

Why use dry licks and urea supplementation for sheep?

Dry licks are a practical way to provide nitrogen (e.g. urea) to sheep when they are protein deficient.