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Molasses Blocks

Dry Feed Block Range

Our Dry Feed Block Range is a series of poured Molasses Blocks available in 6,11,16 and 21% Urea levels.
The Dickson Ag Dry feed range is made specifically for dry feed supplementation for sheep and cattle.
Available in 20kg and 100kg Molasses Blocks.

Weaner Block

Our Weaner Block is a poured Molasses Block designed to help Northern Australian weaners adjust during weaning time.

Available in 20kg and 100kg Molasses Blocks

Phosphorous Molasses Block

The Dickson Ag Phosphorous block is designed especially for Heifers and Breeders Grazing in Northern Australia.

Available in 20kg, 40kg & 100kg Molasses Blocks

Lambing Block

Our Lambing Molasses is a premium Molasses based Block produced for Lambing Ewes.

Available in 20kg Molasses Blocks

Triple P Molasses Block
PPP Block

Our PPP Molasses Block Range has been designed for livestock grazing on Phosphorous deficient country.
It is best suited for heifers and Mature Breeding Females
Available in 20kg and 100kg Blocks

Calcium Molasses Urea 10%

Our Calcium, Molasses and 10% Urea is a Molasses based Block is produced for ruminants lacking Protein and Calcium.
Available in 20kg and 100kg Molasses Blocks.

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